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From blazing trails to #1 in new releases, to successfully leading non-profits, to spearheading thrilling career reinventions, our clients are more than just authors - they're adventurers.

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Publishing World-Changing Books

Escaping the Darkness - Cornell Bunting
#ONECHOICE - Nick & Jack Savage
She Looks Fine - Roberta Campbell Knechtly & Paige Knechtly
Sober Moms Happy Moms - Anonymous Moms
The Conscious Divorce - Kristina Jay

About Independent Book Publishing

What if your found out your book helped someone you never met? What if you landed your dream client because they read your book? What if you were invited to speak in front of thousands of people because YOU PUBLISHED A BOOK? All this, and more, has happened to our authors.

The written word is a potent tool that transcends conventional marketing boundaries, increasing your visibility and credibility and taking your business to new heights. A well-crafted book can help thousands of people. It can etch your brand in the minds of your customers. It can help you build authority, enhance credibility, and even create a lasting legacy.

How can you achieve this? This is where O'Leary Publishing comes in. We are more than just a publishing company. Our team of professionals can seamlessly take you from idea to manuscript to book launch with a hands-on approach to project management, marketing strategy and brand development. We take your expertise, your passion, and your vision and turn it into a professionally published book that becomes your beacon, drawing readers, clients and opportunities to you like a lighthouse guiding ships to the shore.

We ensure that your book is perfectly placed in your ecosystem of marketing tools, and that is is not only interesting, but also effective in bringing your dream into reality.

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for a dynamic way to share your vision, a leader inside a company or a non-profit aiming to assert industry thought leadership or raise more money, or an individual who has a life changing experience to share, O'Leary Publishing is your key to unlocking your gifts and unleashing your brand's potential.

Together, we'll turn your brand into a story that the world can't wait to read. With O'Leary Publishing, we believe you have the power to inspire, inform, and leave an indelible mark. Let us help you turn your dream of becoming an author into a reality. Our team is here to help you!

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