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April O'Leary - Publisher

April O'Leary is the founder of O'Leary Publishing, a hybrid book publishing company dedicated to helping professionals craft books that educate, entertain, and inspire within their industries, while seamlessly integrating their books with their existing products and services to bolster their bottom line. Through expert guidance on signature book development, website design, and launch strategies, April ensures her clients' works often achieve #1 New Release status on Amazon. As the creator of the annual Booked Naples event, April offers her authors a platform to enhance their speaking presence. A member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), April also hosts the popular I'm Booked Podcast. Since its founding in 2019, O'Leary Publishing has proudly published over 40 books, showcasing April's unwavering dedication to her authors' success. She is also the author of six books.

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Heather Davis Desrocher - Head Editor

Heather Davis Desrocher is our acclaimed Developmental Editor and Sounding Board for all of our authors here at O’Leary Publishing. As a Harvard grad and a former English teacher, she has the skills to support each author’s individual journey. Heather is passionate about stories and ideas and loves to organize and refine each author’s work. Skilled at taking our authors through all stages of the writing, editing and publishing process, Heather is the editor you want in your corner every step of the way. Everyone has a story to tell. At O’Leary Publishing, our team makes it possible for you to tell yours!

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Allegra Cook - Ghostwriter and Copyeditor

Allegra is an experienced ghostwriter who's here to capture your brilliant ideas and skillfully weave them into your next bestselling book. Her interview-driven approach pairs your unique story with compelling, actionable business insights. So your book can up-level your credibility, unlock leadership opportunities, and attract your audience.

In addition to book ghostwriting, Allegra can help you crystallize your website copy, market your book and/or establish your online presence, ensuring that your books drive overall revenue. A former advertising executive, Allegra's passion now is helping entrepreneurs like you bring their stories life.

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Jennifer Doody - Editor

A Harvard Writing Instructor (EXPO 34) since 2017 with more than three decades of writing experience at Harvard and other academic institutions, Jennifer Doody understands the writer's entire journey from the first inspirational idea through hard-copy publication. Her work as a Public Speaking Coach, both for Harvard Business School Doctoral Programs and multiple TEDx speakers, gives her an expert understanding on helping an author distill their unique story into a powerful and accessible call to action. Whether the medium is publication or a speaking engagement, from brainstorming ideas to story development to proofreading, Jennifer is committed to helping you create your perfect book or talk! 

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Amber Chapmen - Editor

Amber J. Chapman has been working with authors and aspiring authors since 2011. Born and raised in Connecticut, she found her place in Cleveland and has never looked back. Her ability to listen to clients and help them take their thoughts and ideas to the page is brilliant. She combines her expertise with gentle guidance, so that authors not only enjoy the process, but improve their writing skills as well. She understands that not everyone’s story is an easy one to tell, so she approaches each client and their project with compassion and understanding. She looks forward to helping you take your work to the next level.

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S.R. Boris Boland - Editor

A native of Detroit, Boris Boland is our highly-skilled proofreader. No error misses his talent for editorial perfection. With an eye for both the big picture and the smallest detail, Boris prides himself on his expertise. Nevertheless, he feels that the proofreading process should always preserve each author’s own style. His background encompasses military and municipal public communications, radio news, PR agency work, and corporate social media. He’s a graduate of the University of Nevada. His book, Birth of the Detroit Sound, 1940-1964, showcases his love for music. He looks forward to making your book a work of art!

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Kat Langenheim - Editor

Kat has decades of experience with editorial and proofreading work. She worked in the corporate world writing, proofing, and crystallizing highly sensitive proposals that were sent around the globe. Her work garnered much attention and she enjoyed the fast pace and culture of working with a variety of colleagues and clients. Today she uses her talents on our manuscripts to shine them up to perfection. She resides in Naples, FL with her husband Johnny.

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Jessica Angerstein - Book Designer

Jessica is a graphic designer with a major crush on book design. She believes there is nothing better than a well-designed page with content that stimulates the brain and educates the reader. She was lucky enough to join the team at O’Leary Publishing at the end of 2019 and has worked on several projects for us here at OP including Letters of Forgiveness, The PRISE Life and Under a Cloud of Sails to name a few. It is so exciting to see the author beam when they see their words come to life in a design. Jessica resides in Michigan and is excited to work on your book project very soon!

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Christine Dupre - Book Designer

Christine has over 25 years of graphic and book design experience. She specializes in logo development, branding, marketing tools and book cover designing for authors. She has designed many books here at O’Leary Publishing like The Ultimate Love Affair, American Cop, Shine Beyond Cancer and 101 Inspirations from the Heart. She served in the military (Army) for 6 years before merging into both corporate and retail companies in the marketing fields. She resides in Massachusetts and is an avid Patriots fan. Her passions are reading, gardening, friends, coffee and designing!

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Michael Clapperton- Website Designer

Michael Clapperton is our custom website designer with a system of integrations which include email marketing, sms messaging, autoresponders, ecommerce and sales funnels all built into one seamless website dashboard. He and his team bring a wealth of experience and cutting edge technology for our author clients who desire a full-branding experience. You'll find that your vision can turn into a reality where your book is the center of your ecosystem and your website turns lurkers, into readers, into super fans. The sky is the limit with your creativity and Mike's skills, plus our copywriter's expertise perception can become reality.

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Dustin Herl - Technology Support & Social Media

Dustin Herl is our website backend specialist with skills in WordPress websites, shopping cart systems, email integration and automation and graphics creation. He is someone who can learn anything and have fun doing it. He manned the cameras and created all our videos for Booked Naples 2023 including some post-production editing and design. Dustin is also a skilled social media manager and helps our authors with their various book launches. Dustin resides here in Southwest Florida, with his wife and three children. He is an innovator and designer and can’t wait to help you launch your author brand with successful tech to support your book!

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Jonathan Rambinintsoa - Illustrator

Jonathan Rambinintsoa joined O’Leary Publishing as head illustrator in 2020 with the launch of their first illustrated book The Old Cocoon. Working with founder, April O’Leary, they were able to create a uniquely illustrated booklet that appeals to both adults and children. He is skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and creates custom images and designs to accompany your book design needs. He is skilled in various art styles such as serious comic art, simple and funny cartoon styles, children’s book illustrations and realistic renderings. He is currently working on a variety of forthcoming titles to be published in 2021 and is able to meet our client’s book design goals by contributing his keen eye for layout with his ability to seamlessly create images from written ideas and sample styles. 

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